Alone with The Lonely People

Liquor. Pulsations. Strangers & Strange rubs.

Fingertip touches. (accidently on purpose)

Anything. We want to feel.

We wish to live a lively life.

A sonic story in which we are not alone, but lonely together.


Catch my eye. Chase my waist.

You can't  seem to find me -

Although, this night, these drinks,  and strobe lights always bring me crawling back to you.

Might I inquire, what you would do?

Well, I would dance with me

I would grab my hand and spin my body so fast I forget the feeling of moving forward.

Going forward and waisting precious time. I'd loose the time that was mine.

I shall stand right here in the duality of our presence.

My love, what you mean to me.

What you do to me. How you live through me.

Only with you, I am lonely, but you won't leave me alone.


I tire of your lonely love so I found a place to dwell among the lonely people.

Where no one speaks, but all harmoniously understand.

We feen distractions. We dance for the dark.

 We love the liquor, it makes us smile.

It is cold and you are outside , my love. (Bittersweet and bitter)

But, I'm not sorry. I like this party, and in this party you don't belong.


So, my dear, leave me here and let me drain you out.

So many choices. So many voices. I can finally think aloud.

I let you go, but I'll always have you  back with a sip and a smile.

I'm gonna stay awhile.

Here I am alone with the lonely people.